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    In 1995, for all practical purposes, the United States will have spent itself into bankruptcy. The government will have to spend more to make its interest payments that it will collect in taxes and America will enter an age of financial disaster that will dwarf the Great Depression and hail the end of the United States as we now know it.

    Harry E. Figgie, Jr., a leading cost-reduction expert, industrialist and entrepreneur, explains exactly how we got into this mess through the failure of our leaders to act with courage and resolve, and what national bankruptcy will mean for every one of us, rich or poor. Most important, he provides us with a detailed plan of action, a way out of these dire straits, if we can summon the will to act now, and to force our leaders to act. "Bankruptcy 1995" is a vital call to arms at a moment of great crisis for our nation.

    ©2009 Harry E. Figgie and Gerald J. Swanson (P)2009 Phoenix

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