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    Two-time Amazon best-selling author Sarah Harnisch has done it again! One of the most common questions out there is about finding time. Balance is her newest book, written in collaboration with the international best-selling authors of the Oola series, Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl.

    How do you find time to oil your family? How do you find time to educate yourself on oils? How to do find balance with your clock? How do you get the important things into your day without the guilt at bedtime every night? Is it even possible? It is. 

    Sarah looks at time management through the powerful lens of the Oola book series. What are the seven traits holding you back? What are the seven attributes that propel you forward with time management? She’ll utilize the Oola wheel, where you plot out your weaknesses and strengths in the seven areas of your life: faith, family, fun, finance, fitness, field, and friends. You can visibly see the areas where you need work. She’ll give you ideas to plot out your Oola one goals to push you through the areas where you struggle most. She utilized her social media audience and collected over 8,000 time management tips and narrowed them down to the top 40. The book ends with two scripts. 

    Essential oils help by working with the limbic lobe of your brain. The first script is created solely for essential oils users. For the first time, Sarah has put together an entire topical protocol for the infused seven Oola oils kit and the oils Oola Grow and Oola Balance. The first script walks you through how to use oils for time management. The second script is designed for business builders, who want to help their leaders balance their clock using Oola essential oils. 

    You do have time. You can make this work. You just need the tools and the strategy to pull yourself out of the rut. You can get to the end of the day feeling complete, accomplished, and rested. It just takes a little Oola, a little oiling, and Sarah’s new book! Learn to be deliberate with your clock! To learn more about these tools for business, go to

    ©2018 Sarah Harnisch (P)2018 Sarah Harnisch

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