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    Amateur sleuth Geneva Pomolo is once again drawn into mystery when her investigating partner, Iris Reeves, signs up to read from her novel-in-progress during an open mic night at the local club. The proceedings are interrupted by a scuffle between best-selling young adult novelist William Miller and his former boss and fiancée, Ava Warner. Ava has been feeling salty toward William ever since he suddenly broke off the relationship. William was forced to file a restraining order when she began following him around hoping to humiliate him in public...

    When William is found dead the following day, Ava naturally rises to the top of the suspect list. The police consider the case open-and-shut, and Geneva is inclined to agree - until further investigation reveals William wasn’t the author of his novels at all. He did little more than pose for the front cover. As Geneva and Iris plumb the depths of Wrangler’s Hill’s murky novel-writing underground, they suspect someone went to extreme lengths to silence the loquacious author before he could reveal the truth of his unlikely success. And when a popular paranormal video blogger and a parade of mysterious floating lights are added to the mix, everyone’s favorite crime-fighting duo must face down their most baffling and convoluted case yet.

    ©2021 Tica House Publishing LLC (P)2021 Tica House Publishing LLC

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