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    Tired of living in pain? Are complaints of back pain being ignored because you just don’t know and can’t seem to find out what is causing it? Back Pain Relief and Healing with Solutions Made Clear will help you understand your back and give you a clearer understanding of what may be at the root of your pain. 

    If you are better able to understand what is causing your pain, you can better explain it to your medical practitioner. You will also learn about the many options available to sufferers of back pain when it comes to getting relief from or learning to deal with back pain. We will also provide you with some tips you can employ in your daily life to ease the pain. 

    So, get Back Pain Relief and Healing with Solutions Made Clear so you can start your journey to living a more fulfilling and pain-free life today! 

    Author biography:

    Matthew Irvine is an experienced osteopathic physician working in the UK in private practice. Since when he was young, he had high ambitions to help as many patients as he could overcome their often stubborn and debilitating pain. With Matthew's four years of experience and expertise, he has decided to create this book to help guide patients in better understanding and finding solutions to dealing with their back pain.

    ©2021 Matthew Irvine M.ost (P)2021 Matthew Irvine M.ost

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