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The Mountain Lions have been the guardians of Los Angeles for centuries. Fierce, fearless, loyal protectors, until a dark wizard finally managed to one-up them, killing off their powerful pride.

All but one, that is.

Sexy mountain lion shifter Sam has been silenced by a mysterious coma - one that he may never awaken from, though his mind hears everything around him. 

When a physical therapist at the hospital where he resides has a strong pull toward the sleeping giant, the ignition of their combined forces may be just enough to rouse him. Good-hearted Gwen makes it her mission to make Sam's coma a little less lonely. She is intelligent, funny, curious, and they may have even more in common than meets the eye.

But, will it all be enough to help him enact revenge for his pride and reclaim his rightful place standing guard over the City of Angels?

©2019 Chloe Vincent (P)2020 Chloe Vincent

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