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    Are you curious about the process of metabolic autophagy and how it can affect the well-being of your life?

    Autophagy is a natural process your cells go through every day - it is an essential cleansing ritual that rids your cells of old or damaged organelles and proteins as well as pathogens and cell debris. This process’s impact on cellular health has incredible implications, including:

    • Protectionfrom cancer by destroying cancerous cells and promoting the growth of healthy cells instead,
    • A reduced risk of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s,
    • A reduced risk as well as treatment of muscular disorders such as lysosomal disease, liver disease and inflammation.

    However, the most impressive benefits of autophagy are its ability to treat obesity by promoting weight loss as well as its anti-aging properties. 

    Approximately 30 percent of people worldwide suffer from obesity, and this complex disease can cause a whole host of other health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. It is therefore a serious problem to which autophagy is a solution. Autophagy can also increase your lifespan by counteracting against the processes that cause aging.

    Autophagy is typically induced when your cells undergo stress, be it environmental or physiological stress. There are four main ways to expose your cells to this type of stress so that autophagy can be promoted and its benefits can be reaped.

     The first method is calorie restriction, whether by following a keto diet, a fasting schedule that is intermittent or periodic, or restricting your protein intake.

    Exercising regularly and practicing high-intensity training, consuming autophagy-promoting foods and supplements, and getting quality sleep are the other three methods.

    All these methods create an internal environment in which autophagy is favored.

    Understanding the autophagic process - how it works, when it is triggered, how it is regulated, the effects it has on the body, etc. - is a topic that has only recently been seriously broached in the scientific world. After all, its mechanism of action was only completely elucidated in 2016. Although there are still some questions that are yet to be answered regarding this process, it is clear that it confers a vast amount of benefits to the human body.

    This book covers the mechanism and effects of autophagy, the diseases that can develop when it is disrupted, the benefits of promoting it and an overview of the current clinical approaches in inducing this process. We will also teach you how to utilize the autophagic process, so you can lose weight and improve your health.

    The best part is, you won’t need to take any drugs as autophagy is an entirely natural process! You’ll basically be fine-tuning your body to function at its most efficient level.

    So, if you are interested in living a long life of the highest quality, this book contains the information that you need. It certainly provides a comprehensive overview on the science behind the process of autophagy and clearly outlines how you can harness its power to improve your quality of life.

    ©2019 Melany Flores (P)2019 Melany Flores

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