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    The final three books are now bundled into one box set! Includes:

    Hunting Season, Book 4

    Death is only the beginning….

    Better to be a hunter, not prey. Ever since my partner got kidnapped, I've been on a personal mission to get him back. To do that, I'll need to capture the vampire responsible for destroying my life. In order to have a snowball's chance at success, I'll have to team up with my most loyal friends - including a certain vampire in black with a provoking talent for distraction. Old cravings aren’t easily quenched, nor past passions. With knowledge comes danger, and I'm at risk on all sides. I won't go down without a fight!

    Whiteout, Book 5

    There is no going back to my old life. 

    The hunters have become the hunted. Life on the run is no winter picnic, especially when my partner sees himself as the sheriff, not the outlaw. It's a cat-and-mouse game across the Last Frontier with agents and vampires out for blood while Fane searches desperately to find me before rogue vampires do. Surviving the Alaskan wilderness isn’t nearly as treacherous as resisting the turmoil of seclusion and temptation. I fear I'll never see Fane again. The road to freedom has never felt more uncertain.

    True North, Book 6

    To survive, I must accept who I am and embrace the cold.

    I've spent the past year fighting for survival, freedom, and justice. Now I'm facing the biggest battle of my life. Field agents are turning up dead, and everyone is working to stop Jared before he starts a full-blown war between vampires and hunters. Fane's love and support have never been stronger. My feelings for him are as constant as the North Star, but our future is teetering on thin ice. I would sacrifice everything to protect my family and friends. Even if that means sacrificing myself. 

    The explosive final Aurora Sky volume will blow you away! Fans of dark fantasy, vampires, mystery, and romance will devour this story. One click to start listening today!

    Recommended for mature teens and older.

    Aurora Sky series listening order:

    Night Stalker (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Book 0.5)

    Aurora Sky (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Book 1)

    Northern Bites (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Book 2)

    Stakeout (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Book 2.5)

    Evil Red (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Book 2.6)

    Bad Blood (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Book 3)

    Hunting Season (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Book 4)

    Night of the Living Dante (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Book 4.5)

    Whiteout (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Book 5)

    True North (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Book 6)

    ©2015, 2016 Nikki Jefford (P)2018 Nikki Jefford

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