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    Patricia L. Lawrence takes a walking tour of the 2200-year-old city of Trier, once known as the "Rome of the North", beginning with the ruins of the 4th-century Roman thermal bath complex commissioned by Emperor Constantine. Nowadays, the venue is used for theatrical productions that allow extensive audience participation. Lawrence continues on to the Dome of St. Peter, whose construction spanned centuries and is known as the oldest church north of the Alps. Lawrence also makes a pilgrimage to the Karl Marx House, a museum exhibiting items from Marx's personal history. Listeners will finish this travelogue with a new appreciation for this charming and historic city.


    Audio Journeys by Travel Radio International explores the 2,000-year-old Roman city of Trier, Germany. With our Historic Highlights of Germany guide, we walk through a garden with a beautiful water fountain,to the ruins of a large Roman thermal bath complex that built by order of the Emperor Constantine in the third century. It was never finished, but today it is a tourist destination and a stage for live theater.

    In the dark, damp passages of the Roman Baths, actor Levi Harrison gives us a private performance of Mallobarious. Karl Marx, a leader of the socialist movement, was born in Trier.

    ©2004 Travel Radio International (P)2009 Travel Radio International

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