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    She’s finally found peace. One kiss and it all goes out the window.  

    Starting over has been tough for Gabi Turner. A new city, a new business, and a new life is enough to scare anyone, but with the help of her best friend and their burgeoning interior design business, Gabi is starting to heal from her tumultuous divorce. With everything in delicate balance, the last thing she needs is the swaggering, simmering local carpenter to upend it all. 

    Riding high on the recent success of his furniture business, Mason Adams feels like there isn’t much in the world he can’t do. But when a client’s demands bring Gabi Turner into his shop, everything turns upside down. She’s the only woman who has told him no, and he’ll stop at nothing to change her mind. 

    As Gabi and Mason find themselves working together on a gutted Victorian house, the sparks that fly between them threaten to burn everything to the ground. Can Gabi trust her heart with a man who makes her dream of the future, or will her troubled past keep her from trusting another man? 

    ©2020 Mindy Zimmerman (P)2021 Mindy Zimmerman

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