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Asherah: The Queen of Heaven

Canaanite Magick, Book 1
Autor: Baal Kadmon
Sprecher: Baal Kadmon
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 5 Min.

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A few books exist on Asherah so I am going to jump in and add my two cents. I found the others to be rather complex. I will do my best to deconstruct it all in this book, but for the sake of brevity I can't go too deep. Like all my books, I will cover the texts and history. I have many old notes that I will clean up and present here.

We will discuss Asherah's wide-ranging presence from Akkadian sources all the way through Arabian ones and a few more. We will start with the Old Testament sources first since that is essentially what put her on the map of Intellectual history so to speak. We will also learn more about ways to call upon her and tap into her ancient power. She is, after all, the divine consort of God, the Queen of the Heaven.

©2017 Baal Kadmon (P)2017 Baal Kadmon

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