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    If you want to impress your colleagues, friends, and family with remarkable argumentation skills and logical thinking, then keep reading. 

    Have you ever lost an argument? Have you ever been accused of being irrational or confusing? Have you ever gotten into a debate, only to find that you have contradicted yourself twice and don’t even know what you think anymore?

    Don't be discouraged if you answered yes to all three questions. The truth is that most people do.

    You see, most debaters make the same mistakes - with both their argument structure and their responses. You may even make deadly logical sins...without even realizing. But now, you can stay informed with insider tips, usually only known to top debaters, which will maximize your chances of winning debates and receiving praise for your new remarkable skills. 

    With examples from classical literature and advice compiled from many different sources, this book will ground you in methods that have been developed over centuries of rhetorical exercise.

    By listening to Argument Structure: Secrets of the World’s Best Debaters, you will:

    • Learn how to lay down powerful premises that will keep your argument from contradicting itself
    • Discover how to never get stuck in a logical fallacy again
    • See examples of all kinds of logical fallacies so you can laugh (inside) as your opponent gets stuck in them
    • Learn how to turn logical fallacies back on your opponent
    • Master the art of analogy
    • Organize your arguments like a pro
    • Identify the difference between good and bad sources
    • Figure out the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning
    • Learn what to do when logic is not enough to convince your audience
    • Discover tips and tricks for presenting yourself in a way that will help people believe you, from voice to posture
    • Get advice on how to present yourself in a courtroom
    • Get an entire chapter on writing argumentative essays guaranteed to boost your grades and your credibility
    • And much, much more
    ©2018 Scott Lovell (P)2018 Scott Lovell

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