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Are You Living or Just Existing?

How Corruption and Current World Affairs Is Damaging Human Evolution and Personal Growth (Tony Sayers, Book 1)
Autor: Tony Sayers
Sprecher: Rob Bell
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 41 Min.

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Do you ever look around you and just think this journey is all a little bit crazy? Why is everything laid out for us as soon as we are born to follow a certain path? Does this path even necessarily lead to fulfillment and happiness? Who runs the world, and who are the architects of this path, and why is there so much corruption at every turn? Why do we always live in a world of wars, of poverty, yet others seem to thrive?  

A population obsessed with artificial intelligence and technology yet seemingly disconnected from nature and what is real.

Five years ago, I asked the same questions to myself: Was I living or just existing? This led me on a journey of deep research and discovery, both of the outer world around me and my own inner world. I realized a lack of understanding leads to a lack of fulfillment and purpose in life, so this audiobook is an honest assessment of hard-hitting questions about beliefs and traditions we as a species have held for eons. I also seek to answer in this audiobook many of the questions behind world affairs holding us back from evolving to anything greater. Being yourself in a society where everyone wants you to be a carbon copy can be challenging, to say the least, but through knowledge, we can break through the mental chains!

I found that many problems exist because these beliefs are never explored or probed with a critical eye, and indeed, once reevaluated can potentially lead to a much deeper understanding of where and how we fit into this mad world and ultimately, to a lot more happiness. 

Everything in this audiobook is uncensored and from the heart and from a place of wanting a better world for everyone, both individually and collectively. It is challenging in its very nature, and it is meant to be because unless we challenge ourselves, we will never grow.

©2018 Tony Sayers (P)2018 Tony Sayers


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