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    Aaron Reece Caydon has repeated this mantra every day of his life from the age of four. He looks into the mirror and slowly turns his head to look at the scar running across the side of his face. A furrow begins to grow between his eye, an anger that takes his mind to a dark an unforgiving place. 

    He screams and slams his fist into his reflection, causing the mirror to fracture. Aaron closes his eyes and her face appears, the woman who has accomplished what no man had during his entire military or mercenary career. She made him realize that he had become careless. ''Damn you, Zaveen Keens!'' 

    Aaron will find this female NSA agent; not even his old partner Bevan Benjamin will be able to hide her away from him forever. There are individuals who owe him some favors, some of them their very lives, and many are in high-ranking positions of the government. Aaron will demand all that is promised to him and more.

    ©2017 Janet K. Shawgo (P)2018 Janet K. Shawgo

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