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    Poetic. Patriotic. Petrifying. Arch Oboler, the prominent radio writer, producer and director, was a man possessed of noble ideals and a knack for the nefarious - capable of stoking both the fires of fear and the passion of national pride to a fever pitch. His way with words often led listeners deep inside a character's mind, following their stream-of consciousness straight to the heart of a universal truth. His pioneering work in narrative techniques and sound effects raised radio from mere medium to genuine art form.

    Oboler was deeply devoted to the war effort, producing plays of men and women answering the call in spite of everything, and inspiring citizens on the home front to do the same. But, in a frightening world, perhaps he made people brave by poking a bit of fun at fear itself with his terrifying tales of the undoing of misguided souls. This 10-hour tribute featuring many recordings available here for the first time, includes 20 digitally restored and remastered episodes, performances by James Cagney, Lloyd Bridges, Ingrid Bergman, Peter Lorre, Irene Dunn, Ronald Colman, Dinah Shore, Mary Astor, Olivia De Haviland, Boris Karloff, and more. Episodes Include: Arch Oboler's Plays:

    • "Bathysphere" 11-18-39
    • "Nobody Died" 12-16-39
    • "Johnny Got His Gun" 03-09-40
    • "Strange Morning" 04-05-45
    • "Love, Love, Love" 05-03-45
    • "An Exercise in Horror" (A Peculiar Comedy) 05-24-45
    • "Lust for Life" 08-16-45
    • "Rocket from Manhattan" 09-20-45
    • "Lights Out: Cat Wife" 04-06-38
    • "What the Devil" 10-06-42
    • "Knock at the Door" 12-15-42
    • "Valse Trieste" 12-29-42
    • "Everything For the Boys: Knuckles" 01-25-44
    • "The House I Live In" 05-30-44
    • "Everyman's Theater: I'll Tell My Husband" 11-08-40
    • "The Ugliest Man in the World" 03-14-41
    • "Free World Theater: The Last Will and Testament of Tom Smith" 05-09-43
    • "V Day" 06-27-43
    • "To the President: About My Mother" 11-15-42
    • "Plays for Americans: Johnny Quinn, USN" 02-01-42
    ©2009 Arch Oboler (P)2009 RSPT LLC

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