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Appalachian Galapagos

A Scary Rednecks Collection
Sprecher: Arnie Mazer
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 59 Min.

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Appalachian Galapagos follows the smash success of Scary Rednecks and Other Inbred Horrors with authors Weston Ochse and David Whitman returning us to the world of rednecks, human-skin beer cozies, urban legends come to life, southern mythology, drunkards flying in lawn chairs, contemplations on the nature of god, and the monsters within us all. Galapagos cements its ownership of the genre opening with a grand opus of a novella co-written by both authors, featuring backwoods churches, boat rides, and bigfoots. Fourteen additional stories provide us glorious glances into a world of bug zappers, cheetos, and beer-fueled madness. Grand Master of Horror Edward Lee points out in his introduction that "this very successful collection is unlike anything that is being done today' and 'is perhaps the most successful collection of the year."


  • IntroductionPreface: Excerpt from a Speech given by Professor Elvis G. Giddy on Survival of the Fittest - Edward Lee
  • Origin of a Species or Up Shit's Creek With a Case of Beer and No F--king Paddles - Weston Ochse and David Whitman
  • Pitfighter Serenade - Weston Ochse
  • With Quiet Violence (Originally published in The Edge, 2000) - David Whitman
  • The Winnowing - Weston Ochse
  • Killin' Lenny - David Whitman
  • The Smell of Leaves Burning in Winter - Weston Ochse
  • Beautiful Ugly (Originally published in Electric Wine, 2000) - David Whitman
  • The Rememory Man - Weston Ochse
  • Who Watches the Watcher (Originally published in Sinister Element, 1998) - David Whitman
  • The Qualities of Mercy (Originally published in Primordial Magazine, 1999) - Weston Ochse
  • Degeneration - David Whitman
  • Eli's Coming - Weston Ochse
  • We've Only Just Begun - David Whitman
  • Summer Planting (Originally published in Sinister Element 1998) - Weston Ochse
  • Flying Through Heavens With Beer In Hand - David Whitman
©2003 Weston Ochse & David Whitman (P)2013 David N. Wilson


"Make way for a new powerhouse on the block. Hard work and formidable skills have already shot-gunned Ochse to the front of the genre's exciting new pack of writers. With creative brawn, brains, and balls, the guy's locked, loaded, and switched to full-auto, blazing away with his unique and original brand of modern horror, one of the few new writers, I'd say, who will help re-define the field for the future." (Edward Lee)

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