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Anthem: AOG Annotated Edition

Autor: Ayn Rand
Sprecher: C.J. McAllister
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 24 Min.

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As today’s society edges closer and closer to full-fledged collectivism; as the rights and dignity of the individual continue to be trampled underfoot in the name of “the collective good;” as more and more people refuse to study the history and logical conclusions of their beliefs, and claim that re-branding socialism wipes away its entire shameful and often bloody history, while simultaneously refusing to believe the massive amount of evidence of that history - the work of Ayn Rand is more crucial and relevant than ever. 

Unlike some of Rand’s massive other productions, Anthem is a succinct work that compresses an incredible amount of wisdom into a remarkably slim volume. This AOG edition contains the complete, unabridged narration of Anthem, along with supplemental discussion materials after each section.

©2019 James C. Barnes (P)2019 James C. Barnes

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