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    Anne Frank’s story is definitely a tragic one; every aspect of it is steeped in the tragedy of the Holocaust. But sadness is not the only thing the account of Anne Frank’s life has to offer - it’s a powerful story about a girl who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what was right. She faced the worst that humanity has to offer, and she did not let it corrupt her. Even the evil oppression of Hitler’s Nazi regime could never crush the indomitable spirit of Anne Frank. In this audiobook, you will discover her life; this is her story.

    Inside, you will hear about:

    • The Franks flee to the Netherlands
    • The Nazi invasion
    • The secret annex
    • Life in hiding
    • Betrayed and arrested
    • Life and death at the concentration camps
    • And much more!
    ©2018 Hourly History (P)2018 Hourly History

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