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    A recorded visit to an exhibition by Anish Kapoor at the Lisson Gallery, London continued to 22nd June, 2019. Includes descriptions of works and bio-dara of the artist. 

    In the rear ground floor space of the gallery a suite of new paintings, completed at the end of 2018. Each canvas is 274 cms tall by 213 cms wide. The colour range is restricted and highly pitched, a distinctly abstract expressionist handling with sweeping brush and hand work. An aggressive and confrontational approach infuses a violently striated surface. A basic pink shape, in some like sagging flesh or an upturned vessel is worked with smeared white strokes, then corrupted by slashed veins of blood red and pitch black, scarring the lower part of the canvases. 

    The hand work introduces an element of unleashed energy on the white ground, in a scheme of unleashed emotion. It is violently expressive, chaotic and turbulent. The painting ‘Teeth’ 2018 resembles a tip tilted jug spewing corrupted matter. 

    These recent paintings progress of the artist’s constant preoccupation with the life force of the body. Previously viewed in the giant ‘Leviathan’; a maroon inflatable of spectacular dimension installed in Monumenta 2011 at the Grand Palais Paris. Here visitors walked inside the heart shaped cavern, encountering receding passages of valves and vents. Kapoor has never resisted dynamic scale for maximum resonance of effect.

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