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Animal Matters

Diary of an Inner City Vet
Autor: Charlotte Rea
Sprecher: Heather Long
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 48 Min.

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Animals bond people and transcend class, financial and cultural barriers. Pets matter to people more than anything, but what happens to those people who can't afford pet insurance or vet's bills?

Animal Matters is a diary of real-life cases written during a year of Charlotte's career working as a veterinary surgeon in a 24-hour inner-city London animal charity hospital. The audiobook provides listeners with a revealing, honest, emotional experience, with deeply sad moments followed by amusing and unimaginable ones. Charlotte writes both short amusing diary entries along with more detailed accounts and reflections back on her training and the experiences and difficulties she has come up against over the decade since she graduated.   

Throughout the audiobook you will get to know both the animals and the people and how close the bond between us can be. Charlotte also discusses contemporary issues in veterinary medicine such as animal euthanasia, RSPCA welfare cases, mental health issues within the veterinary profession, ethical concerns around pedigree dog breeding and the laws on dangerous dogs.   

Animal Matters is a moving and heartwarming audiobook about the unconditional love between animals and humans and how deep the bond can be.  

©2019 Charlotte Rea (P)2019 Hodder & Stoughton Limited

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