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Animal Insights

A Guide to Using Images of Different Animals Each Week to Enhance Your Life and Work
Sprecher: Rene Coston
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 8 Min.

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Animal Insights provides a system where you can focus on two different animals each week for a year in order to consider how to incorporate the insights from these animals into your life. It is a follow-up guide to The Best Words from A-Z, where you gain some insights from your two positive words for that week. You can use the two books together.

However, unlike thinking about the words from A-Z, you will cut and mix up the "Animal Cards", which are printed four to a page. Remove the cards for the animals you have the least affinity for, so you end up with 104 cards. Mix up the cards, and draw two each week. Once you select your two "Animal Cards" for the week, think about them in various ways.

You can focus on both animals, and imagine how they might work together. You might think about one animal in the morning and one at night. Or think of one animal for three days, the other for the next three days, and both on the seventh day. Or on this last day, reflect on your insights from thinking about these animals for the past week.

The animals selected for Animal Insights come from a list of common animals that are well-known - from crustaceans, insects, and fish to reptiles, birds, and mammals. If the animal has many species, such as a dog or cat, there is a photo with several breeds, and you can think any species or breed you choose. One reason that thinking about these different animals can be so powerful is that each one has developed certain qualities that make it successful. Likewise, you can draw on these qualities for success in your life, and some of these qualities may suggest changes you can make for more success.

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