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    Most people stereotype anger by assuming it always results in shouting, slamming fists, throwing things, road rage, or domestic violence. However, anger is not that one-dimensional. 

    Have you ever acted on your anger explosively or violently, maybe in reaction to another person’s unkind actions? Or maybe you are the type of person to hold everything in and then resent others through passive-aggressive behavior or by being overly critical? 

    Regardless, you are acting on your anger. It is okay to feel angry, but to act on your anger like this is unacceptable. Expressed anger only propagates and creates more anger - this is how professionally angry TV and radio commentators influence our society. 

    This is not productive; it is better to not have anger created in the first place. However, that is not always feasible. And this is where anger management comes dictate how you direct your anger. 

    You cannot control the words or actions of others, but you can control your actions, your words, and your reactions. Unless you choose to exert your anger through constructive assertiveness over destructive aggression, you'll only propagate more anger - some of which will be directed back at you. But to do this, you need to dig deep. Many times, your current anger or outburst of anger is not due to what is right in front of you at that moment but to unresolved issues from your past. This is a bundle of three audiobooks to help you combat your anger issues as a busy, productive adult: 

    • Anger Management: Control Anger & Stop Hurting the One Person that Matters Most - You
    • Declutter: Free Your Mind from Mental Clutter
    • Mindfulness for Beginners: How Present Living Can Change Your Life


    • What the goal of anger management actually entails
    • Why you need anger management - even if you don’t explode when frustrated
    • Why anger is not a sin to run away from, but rather a red light telling you something isn’t right
    • How you jeopardize your health - for up to six hours - from something as simple as feeling angry
    • What is mental clutter and how it may contribute to your anger 
    • How to tackle your mental clutter using one of various methods 
    • What mindfulness is and why it is so common nowadays
    • What mindfulness techniques you can use to combat your anger in the heat of the moment 

    You need to understand your trigger buttons so you can change what happens when they’re pushed. No more imploding, exploding, or trying to pretend you’re not angry. Click "Buy Now" and don’t let anger get in the way of love ever again!

    ©2018 Addison Fenn (P)2018 Addison Fenn

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