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Anger Management and Real Life Stories

Controlling the Rage Within
Sprecher: Claton Butcher
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We have all experienced anger at one point or another, and for some it may be a regular emotion. It can be as simple as a minor irritation or as complex as full-fledged rage. The human emotion of anger is completely common and perhaps, could even be considered healthy and normal. The trouble sets in when the anger is out of control and actually turns negative and destructive. You can have issues in your various personal relationships, your job and in your life's overall quality. When anger reaches the point that you feel as though you are merely at the mercy of an emotion that is both powerful and unpredictable, then that becomes the tipping point for many to seek help. Something needs to change.

Anger is linked to other biological and physiological changes. For instance, when something sets you off and you become angry, your blood pressure and heart rate elevate in addition to your adrenaline, energy hormones, and noradrenaline (norepinephrine).

As long as the world continues to spin and relating to others is a part of our day, it is inevitable that someone sometime will eventually test our nerves. In the same breath, you, too, are guilty of getting on other's nerves without even being aware. When you are faced with distressing circumstances, the optimal things to practice are maintenance of your calmness and coolness and keeping the tantrums of anger at bay. In essence, control your anger as opposed to your anger controlling you. Make control a part of your reality by further understanding what causes anger, childhood connections, healthful displays of anger, stage of life rage, and the strategies for achieving that much-desired control.

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