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    Did you know your anger hurts no one more than yourself? Anger sabotages your reputation, your relationships, and your career. If you struggle with overcoming your anger issues, then pay attention.... 

    Have you ever acted out explosively or violently, perhaps in reaction to another person’s unkind actions? Or maybe you are the type of person to hold everything in and then resent others through passive-aggressive behavior. Regardless, it is a result of your anger. But when you act on your anger in such ways, who do you really hurt? 

    The truth is you hurt yourself more than you end up hurting others. If you act on your anger in destructive ways, you are not emotionally strong.... You are emotionally weak or, at the very least, lacking emotional control. You show your weakness to the world. You let your emotions control you, when in reality your feelings should be under your control. 

    You have a right to everything you feel, and certainly anger is no exception, but to act on your anger like this is unacceptable. Your anger only wants to tell you that you are suffering; treat it like you would a friend...but you wouldn’t instinctively do everything your friend tells you to do. 

    In Anger Management: Control Your Anger & Stop Hurting the One Person That Matters Most - You, you’ll discover:  

    • What the goal of anger management actually entails - and no, it is not about getting rid of anger 
    • Why you need anger management - even if you don’t explode when frustrated 
    • Why you get angry going through a similar reality as others, whether that reality is the way you want it to be or not 
    • Why anger is not a sin to run away from, but rather a red light telling you something isn’t right
    • How you jeopardize your health - for up to six hours - from something as simple as feeling angry 
    • Your many forms of anger, even if you think you are limited to either destructive aggression or repressed anger like constant annoyance and impatience 
    • What OTC drugs you can take to help with anger, despite not being marketed and sold as medication for anger
    • How to properly frame your previous unkind actions instead of trying to forget or justify them 

    Even if you are angry at your significant other; even if you are angry toward yourself or the world...the other entity is not the cause of your suffering. Even if you cannot control the words or actions of others, you can control your actions, your words, and your reactions. And once you understand your trigger buttons, you can change what happens when they’re pushed. 

    Don’t let anger get in the way of love ever again. Click “Buy Now"!

    ©2018 Addison Fenn (P)2018 Addison Fenn

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