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    What are the angels whispering to you?

    Angels are constantly whispering guidance to you - but what if you cannot hear their messages? Take a spiritual journey with professional Angel Experts from across the globe. Learn how to perceive the whispered messages and persistent nudges from your Angels, the Archangels, Animals and Faeries, all awaiting your discovery! New techniques shared in this audiobook will assist you and your clients to experience the deep wisdom and loving power of the angelic realm - to comfort, uplift and heal every aspect of your life!

    Learn how to: Conduct Sacred Ceremony, Empower your Meditations, Transmute Negative Energy, Meet your Guardian Angel, Discover the Goddess Within, Step into the Magical Faery Realm, Link Archangels, Crystals & Dreams, Contact Deceased Loved Ones & Pets.

    Contributing authors for this audiobook include: Cobie Andrews, Ros Booth, Denise Burant, Maryellen Divine, Sophia Fairchild, Wendy Gabriel, Claire Jennings, De-Arne King, Debbie Kosabek, Denice Martin, Orietta Mammarella, Flavia Kate Peters, Belinda Ridley, Robyn Ridley, and Christine Schreibstein.

    ©2011 Soul Wings Press (P)2013 Soul Wings Press

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