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    They are humanity's defense against the supernatural. They are the light in the darkness. They are the guardians that walk in the night. They are The Shadow Council. 

    His father called him Adam. The people called him monster. History gave him only his father's name. Quincy Harker calls him friend. 

    He is Adam, the greatest creation and greatest failure of Victor Frankenstein. Trapped in a life he never sought, in a world that will never understand him, he roams the Earth searching for understanding, searching for his own humanity. 

    And now he roams the streets of New Orleans searching for a missing Archangel and a trumpet that can herald the coming of the Apocalypse. 

    Adam's task in the Quest for Glory is to find Sealtiel, the Herald of Heaven, and bring the angel to Quincy Harker to unlock the mysteries that will restore Glory's divinity. But dark forces are at work in the Crescent City, and magic-users are dying in horrible ways all over town. Will Adam find the angel before the last note is still in the city of jazz?  

    ©2017 John G. Hartness (P)2018 Falstaff Books

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