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    A serial killer from her past; an FBI agent with a personal agenda, and an investigative journalist determined to get the story at any cost.

    While she was out enjoying her senior prom, Sarah Brighwater's mother was murdered in their home. The serial killer was known to the police but never caught. Now, 15 years later, Sarah is an FBI agent in the Behavioral Science Unit tracking down killers like the one who killed her mother.

    When a new string of murders begins and bodies are dumped near her old home town, Sarah wonders about the reemergence of her lifelong tormentor. Could it be him?

    Tyler Ford is a respected investigative journalist working for a less than respected newspaper. He too sees the links to Sarah's past and wonders. He knows he has to keep close to her to find out the real story. But when the killer contacts him, Tyler finds that she needs him more than he needs her.

    The pair races against time to find the killer before he disappears once more into the dark underworld that hides him so well.

    Can two people with opposing goals work together well enough to bring down a serial killer? Listen to find out!

    ©2019 Rory McNeill (P)2020 Rory McNeill

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