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    Manhattan Edit Workshop is proud to present the Artist in Residence Series, a program of talks with renowned film editors, all Resident Artists from Manhattan Edit Workshop's six-Week intensive course in the art and technique of editing.With a career spanning over 30 years, Alan Heim - A.C.E - is one of Hollywood's most distinguished editors. Alan won an Oscar, BAFTA, and Eddie award for All That Jazz. He was also nominated for an Oscar for Network. Alan began his editing career on Sidney Lumet's The Seagull and went on to cut Lenny, Hair, American History X, The Notebook, and many more. He has worked with Mel Brooks, Milos Forman, George Roy Hill, Nick Cassavetes, Martha Coolidge, John Hughes, and Stephen Frears.

    He is currently President of American Cinema Editors (A.C.E) and the producer of The Cutting Egde: The Story of Cinema Editing.

    ©2008 Lo-Fi Pictures, LLC (P)2008 Lo-Fi Pictures, LLC

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