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    This is the blueprint for living out the first-century supernatural life! (Sid Roth, host of It’s Supernatural!)

    Lost for centuries, this ancient text is the believer’s key to unlocking the supernatural lifestyle of first-century believers.

    In the book of Acts, we glimpse the world-changing community marked by passion, authenticity, and supernatural power that was the early church. How did the early church cultivate these kinds of powerful believers? Where does the modern church fall short? And what if you could access the early Church’s discipleship manual?

    Picture it: While browsing the stacks of a dimly lit library in the cavernous corridors of an Middle Eastern monastery, a young Greek Orthodox cleric stumbles upon a fragile parchment manuscript, containing ancient wisdom. The cleric’s name was Philotheos Bryennios, the year was 1873, the place was Istanbul, Turkey, and the incredible document he found was called The Didache or The Teaching.

    The Didache is a transformative, step-by-step training program for new believers and offers a window into the faith and practice of the earliest Gentile disciples, when Christianity was still within the fold of messianic Judaism. 

    Written for a culture where individuals had no knowledge of Jesus or the gospel, The Didache’s timeless instruction is especially applicable for our current, post Christian era. 

    An Ancient Blueprint for the Supernatural contains the full text of The Didache along with extensive, revelatory commentary and application from Drs. Dennis and Jen Clark.

    You will:

    • Discover how to live as a holy vessel in a godless society.
    • Enter a new way of life that reveals Jesus of Nazareth to the world.
    • Access the miraculous lifestyle that Jesus made possible through the Cross.
    • Experience the presence and power of God through ancient practices such as persistent prayer, communion, baptism, and more. 
    • Gain wisdom for discerning false teaching and doctrine that obscures the fullness of God’s life and power.
    • Uncover the biblical definition of “The One New Man” and what it means for you.
    • Learn to live in watchful preparation for the Messiah’s return.

    Unleash the timeless wisdom of the Didache into your life and begin walking in the world-changing footsteps of the early church.

    ©2020 Dennis and Jennifer Clark (P)2021 Destiny Image Audio

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