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    Cascade County, Montana...

    Middle schoolers Johnel Walker, Tony Walker, and Elliot Green have formed a summer book club. They gather beneath a shady tree twice a week in the Walkers’ backyard to read, discuss, and trade the books they’ve selected. Usually, the club members agree on the chosen books.

    But when Elliot shows them a crusty, dirt-coated, ancient book he discovered in an abandoned cabin and says it’s one they should read next, Johnel and Tony aren’t impressed. They want Elliot to put the book back. Yet the book - or what’s inside it - has other ideas.

    It seems there are terrifying, red-eyed ghosts of people from the past anxious to get out of the book and into present day. Elliot, Johnel, and Tony find there is nothing they can do to stop them from emerging. And so, the club members must face the ghosts, figure out what they want, and try to stop the menace.

    Each Ameri-Scares novel is based on or inspired by an actual historical event, folktale, or legend specific to the state in which the story is set.

    ©2020 Elizabeth Massie (P)2020 David N. Wilson

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