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Amazing Kids' Stories by a Kid Part 1

Sprecher: Amy Gravlee
Spieldauer: 19 Min.

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Seven amazing children's stories - written by a child. 

  • The Sick Peacock
  • The Kind Deer
  • Bumba and the Mobile Phone
  • The Boy and the Hunter
  • Clever Tina
  • Boonu the Balloon Seller - Part 1
  • Radha and Mittu

The book Amazing Kids’ Stories by a Kid is a gift from me to all the young kids on my 10th birthday. The first part of the book Amazing Kids’ Stories by a Kid has seven stories. In these stories, you will meet my imaginary friends: Bumba, Sumiya, Sina, Tina, and more. 

About the author: Anoushka Mahajan, a 10-year-old, is a grade IV student. Anoushka is very fond of reading in her spare time and likes to write imaginary stories. Anoushka started writing these stories when she was six years old. Anoushka was awarded a certificate of merit in graded examination in communication skills by Trinity College, London, when she was nine years old.

©2017 Anoushka Parag Mahajan (P)2019 Anoushka Parag Mahajan


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