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Am I Depressed

Signs, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Depression
Autor: Cindy Help
Spieldauer: 26 Min.

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Are you depressed? Learn what the most common signs and symptoms of depression are and how to deal with them

This audiobook about depression is loaded with the wisdom you need in order to understand what causes people to feel depressed, how to recognize when someone is depressed, and what the various treatment options are for a depressed person.

Have you been feeling lonely? Are you being nonproductive? Does it seem like you are crying more than usual? Do you feel paralyzed from being overloaded with too many responsibilities? Does it feel like no matter how hard you try you just can't get motivated to do things?

Life has its ups and downs, so everyone is bound to feel the blues every now and then. However, if this kind of despair doesn't seem to go away, you may have depression. This kind of condition makes it hard to function and feel pleasure in life the way you used to. It might even be a challenge to get through the day.

When you're depressed, you might not get a good night's sleep, as you focus more on your worries and anxiety. You can't complete your daily tasks because you feel tired and lethargic. You don't want to take a break to have fun. Even when your loved ones and friends tell you to get it together, you still feel hopeless. You can't make decisions. You hate yourself. You are depressed.

You are not alone in feeling that way. About 14.8 million adult Americans suffer from major depressive disorder. Depressed people are four times more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases than those who aren't. Depression has also been found to be the cause of more than two-thirds of the 30,000 suicides reported in the US every year, according to a 1999 report from the White House Conference on Mental Health.

You don't have to live with depression for your whole life when you know how to get well.

This book will show you how to overcome depression.

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