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    Fact 752 - If it’s male, it lies.

    I knew better than to fall for the bad guy. Love only gives you heartache, and in my case? It got me poisoned. Literally. Tough break, right? It gets worse.

    The Elven government “said” it was only one task, but I should have read the fine print. That teensy job? Taking out the biggest baddie our worlds have ever seen. Spying for the enemy wasn’t the plan, but every attempt to escape only entrenches me deeper into a criminal war I never wanted to be part of.

    Good thing my mama taught me how to fight dirty. I will play their game, and do the one thing they didn't think possible. I’ll win.

    Fact 521 - Vengeance doesn’t have wings. She wears stilettos.

    ©2020 Frost Kay (P)2020 Frost Kay

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