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    Hugh Walpole (1884-1941) was one of the most popular and prolific English authors of his time, best known for his historical fiction and novels for boys. But it was in the field of the macabre and supernatural that Walpole was at his best, and this collection of 16 tales contains many of his finest, including the classic werewolf story "Tarnhelm"; the oft-anthologized "The Little Ghost"; "The Snow", a chilling story of vengeance from beyond the grave; and perhaps the highlight of the collection, "The Silver Mask", which one critic has called "a masterpiece, a classic example of how a tale can be truly terrible and ghostly with no ghost and only the wispiest hint of the supernatural."

    ©1933 Hugh Walpole (P)2017 Valancourt Books, LLC


    "There are sixteen stories in Walpole's collection, and they all reach a high degree of merit; all are marked by the distinguished literary quality one is sure to find in his work." ( New York Times)

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