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    Detective stories have been entertaining people for decades. The best fictional detectives are old friends who take us on amazing adventures. Along the way, they teach us a lot of life lessons.

    Join podcaster and author Adam Graham on this fun journey through the annals of detective fiction. He examines the history and career of seven more of the greatest detectives and police officers from literature, radio, and television in this sequel to All I Needed to Know I Learned from Columbo. Among the way, he'll examine some key insights from these beloved detectives, including:

    • The importance of listening to others from Hercules Poirot
    • How to avoid cynicism from insurance-investigator Johnny Dollar
    • How to properly motivate others from Sergeant Joe Friday
    • The importance of personal integrity from Officer Pete Malloy
    • Being understanding of the frailties of others from Frank Cannon

    In addition to 20 thought-provoking life lessons, the book also contains several appendices, including Graham's list of the best Dragnet stories ever and a brief history of two-fisted, weight-challenged detectives. All I Needed to Know I Learned from Dragnet is a great resource for fans of detective fiction.

    ©2015 Adam Graham (P)2016 Adam Gaham

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