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    Alien Days is a multi-author anthology with thrilling tales of aliens, invasions, artificial intelligence, friendship, deceit, and extinction. A combination which makes this collection a must-listen for science fiction short story fans.

    This anthology features Nebula and Dragon award nominees, Amazon best-sellers and award winners alongside rising stars in the science fiction genre. Let the authors take you on adventures through dystopian worlds and far flung planets that will stretch your imagination.

    This antholology features:

    • Recidivsim by Charles E. Gannon

    Charles is a three time Nebula and two times Dragon award nominee, an award winner and New York Times best-selling author of: The Ring of Fire Series and Starfire Series.

    • Am I Alone? by J. R. Handley and Corey D. Truax

    An Odera Chronicles short story from Amazon bestselling authors of: The Four Horsemen Series and Sleeping Legion Series.

    • The Shanti Heist by Killian Carter

    Killian is the Amazon best-selling author of: The Galactic Sentinel Series.

    • Ambassador T by Quincy J Allen

    Quincy is a US best-selling author of: The Blood War Chronicles and The Four Horsemen Series.

    • Discovery by PP Corcoran

    Paul is the Amazon best-selling author of: The Saiph Series and The Four Horsemen Series

    • A Bolt From The Blue by S. K. Gregory

    S.K. is the USA TODAY best-selling author of: The Cursed Lands


    • Antithesis by Mitch Goth
    • A Series of Anomalous Phenomena by D. B. Crelia
    • Dead Reckoning by Anthony Regolino
    • After The Crash by Jason J. McCuiston
    • Where All Memories Are One by Leigh Saunders
    • First Friendship by A.N. Myers
    • Phobosteus by Dennis Mombauer 
    • The Law of The Jungle by Mickey Ferron
    • And The Light Faded by Lisa Fox
    • A Mission of Mercy by Mark Lynch
    • Another Day, Another Dollar by Juleigh Howard-Hobson
    • Altered by Alexander Harrington
    • Songs Sweeter Still by David M. Hoenig
    • There Goes the Neighborhood by Vivian Kasley
    ©2019 Castrum Press (P)2019 Castrum Press

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