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    He'll make me his perfect little pleasure trophy....

    Who knew listening to sexy alien abduction stories could get a girl into trouble?

    Or that a listener could also be the gateway to another galaxy? I definitely didn't...but here I am anyway, mated to the Tsenturion High Commander just like the unwilling human heroines in my favorite sci-fi romances.

    The Commander demands obedience. He intends to claim me, train me, and turn me into his perfect little pleasure trophy.

    He doesn't believe in love. I don't believe in giving in without a fight.

    There's no amount of discipline or ecstasy that could break me to his will...I hope.

    Alien Captive is a hot alien abduction romance, starring one feisty human and the Tsenturion Warrior strong enough to master her.

    Disclaimer: The authors are not responsible for any actual alien abductions that may result should you purchase this book.

    ©2018 Hannah Koca, Jenni Rast (P)2020 Hannah Koca, Jenni Rast

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