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    Eight dark comic dramas narrated by Alexei Sayle and adapted from his original short stories.

    Dramatised from Alexei Sayle's hilarious, highly acclaimed fiction, these satirical, surreal and surprising tales feature some of the UK's foremost comic actors, and are introduced by the award-winning comedian himself.

    The Only Man Stalin Was Afraid Of - Summoned to treat his old friend, Stalin's psychiatrist is faced with an ethical dilemma. Starring Peter Capaldi, Freya Parker and Peter Serafinowicz.

    Banner Bright - 1968. Five students meet during an art school occupation, and create an inspirational protest banner they believe will change the world. Starring Ben Crompton, George Fouracres, Kath Hughes, Tim Key and Nimisha Odedra.

    The Minister for Death - A Liverpudlian pensioner foils a would-be mugger - and rekindles his lust for murder.... Starring Paul Barber, Lewis MacLeod, Shaun Mason, Freya Parker and Frances Tomelty.

    The Last Woman Killed in the War - Returning to Liverpool after 40 years of exile, Mary finds that much has changed during her absence. Starring Adi Alfa, Katy Carmichael, Shaun Mason, Jan Ravens and Paislie Reid.

    Clive Hole - An indecisive TV commissioner comes under pressure from two dogged producers determined to get their screenplay made. Starring Katheryn Drysdale, Graham Duff, George Fouracres, Georgie Glenn, Tim McInnerny, Alice McMillan and Duncan Wisbey.

    Barcelona Chairs - Frustrated architect 'Rupert' embeds himself in Tony Blair's Labour government while trying to design the perfect, ultra-minimalist home for his family. Starring Ambika Mod, Hugh Quarshie and Siobhan Redmond.

    The Nameless Park - Jade loves the neglected park near her house, and often takes her wheelchair-user brother for trips around its paths. But when Jason becomes critically ill, she makes a devastating discovery. Starring Louis Emerick, George Fouracres, Shaun Mason, Alice McMillan and Claire Sweeney.

    Locked Out - Unexpectedly stuck outside her Central London home, Katherine realises how little she knows about her neighbours' lives, and the strange and apparently sinister things they get up to.... Starring Maxine Peake.


    Written and narrated by Alexei Sayle

    Adapted for radio by Alexei Sayle and Graham Duff

    Produced by Joe Nunnery

    Photo: Matt Stronge

    A BBC Studios Production

    First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 25 February-25 March 2019 (Series 1) and 10-31 March 2021 (Series 2)

    ©2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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