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Ah This!

Talks on Zen
Autor: Osho
Sprecher: Osho
Spieldauer: 13 Std. und 13 Min.

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If you are interested in knowing how to take an inner journey, how to find your soul - read on!

In these talks, Osho introduces his audience to Zen, with its emphasis on being alert and attentive to the simplest acts of ordinary life as a way to experience meditation. Zen stories serve as starting points for several talks in the series, illuminating the nature of that rare human capacity to transcend the limits of the rational mind.

As often happens with Osho, the talks oscillate between commentaries on selected texts, in this case some beautiful anecdotes from the world of Zen, and questions from disciples and other seekers. And, as always, Osho's interest is not scholarly at all but existential: how to point us toward the "Beyondness" from which he speaks.

Although Zen tradition was certainly the one closest to his heart, Osho was independent of all traditions. In fact during the last year of his life, he talked exclusively about Zen, albeit a more relaxed, humorous form than the traditional rather rigid and disciplined monastic version.

Osho always emphasized that the real important thing was not what he was saying but the gaps, the profound silence between the words, and that one should listen to him like to the wind playing with the leaves, or like listening to music.

In this series you will come across a wide spectrum of views and questions related to the human search for higher dimensions of life. And it's certainly a beautiful finger pointing to the moon of truth beyond words and concepts. He takes us into a space from which the existential jump to meditation can happen. The moment when the eternal perfection opens up, the moment all you can say is, "Ah this!"

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