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After the Accident

A Compelling and Addictive Psychological Suspense Novel
Spieldauer: 8 Std.

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On a beautiful island, under the Mediterranean sun, two families enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Then, one balmy evening, Emma's father is found unconscious on the sand. Everyone is hiding secrets. Who will you believe?

Emma: I went up to Daniel, sunning himself by the pool, to break the news. They’ve been best friends for years, but it was like he didn’t care that Dad was in hospital. Like it wasn’t a surprise. Like he knew.

Daniel: That girl’s deluded. No one knows where she was the night her dad ended up on the beach. And as for what she did to her own child...well, it’s her parents I feel sorry for. Imagine having a daughter like that and knowing what she did.

Emma: I’ve never trusted Daniel. And then I found the envelope, tucked away in Dad’s luggage. It explained so much. There’s a reason someone wanted to hurt him. I may have made mistakes, but I’ve never lied like Dad has.

Daniel: That girl knows more than she’s letting on.

Emma: Someone knows that I know, and they’ll do anything to keep me quiet. We’re trapped on the island, and I can’t trust any of them.

A unique and totally gripping psychological thriller.

©2020 Kerry Wilkinson (P)2020 Bookouture

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