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    Are you ready to change the world? This audiobook is a step-by-step guidebook for using the principles of the law of attraction in your health, wealth, and happiness. It will show you how to protect yourself from negative influences and teach you to thrive, even when facing uphill battles with those who should be most supportive. 

    Most importantly, it will show you how you can influence others in a positive way and create a powerful circle of power by sharing the law of attraction with others. 

    Are you ready to reap the power the law of attraction offers and also to lift up those around you, so they can share in your success? Listen to this audiobook, and you will enter an advanced level of success and create alignment wherever you go, allowing yourself to make not only your world, but everyone’s world a better place.

    ©2020 Richard Nongard (P)2020 Richard Nongard

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