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Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy

Sprecher: R. Paul Matty
Spieldauer: 11 Std. und 19 Min.

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We greet our old students who have returned to us for the advanced course. We feel that, hereafter, it will not be necessary to repeat the elementary explanations which formed such an important part of the former class work, and we may be able to go right to the heart of the subject, feeling assured that each student is prepared to receive the same.

Many learned the former lessons from curiosity - some have become so interested that they wish to go on - others have failed to find the sensational features for which they had hoped, and have dropped from the ranks. It is ever so. Many come, but only a certain percentage are ready to go on. Out of 1,000 seeds sown by the farmer, only 100 manifest life. But the work is intended for that 100, and they will repay the farmer for his labor. In our seed sowing, it is even more satisfactory, for even the remaining 900 will show life at some time in the future.

No occult teaching is ever wasted - all bears fruit in its own good time. We welcome the students in the advanced course - we congratulate ourselves in having such a large number of interested listeners - and we congratulate the students in having reached the stage in which they feel such an interest in the work, and in being ready to go on.

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