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    Can a popular bartender win over a strong single mom? From New York Times best-selling author J. Sterling comes a thrilling new stand-alone romance you won’t want to miss.

    Everyone knows who the Fisher brothers are: the hottest single bartenders this side of the Santa Monica Pier. Which is exactly why when I run into Ryan Fisher one day at the beach, I intend to steer clear of him and his sexy, playboy ways.

    I’ve heard the rumors. I know his type. I’ve seen him in action. And I’m not interested.

    But Ryan has other ideas. He’s convinced that I have him all wrong. But I don’t have the luxury of making mistakes when it comes to men. Not anymore. Being a single mom does that to a woman.

    There’s only room in my life for one boy, and his name isn’t Ryan. So why won’t he go away and leave me alone already?

    ©2021 J. Sterling (P)2021 J. Sterling

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