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    Narrated by author and channel Amy Sikarskie, Activating the Starseed holds energetically encoded messages from star councils and the archangels. The messages provide inspiration and support to those awakening, healing their energy bodies, and increasing their light. Learn about the activation of your energy body and how it supports your clair senses, past life memories, and connections with your spirit guides. Increase your light and activate your soul-frequencies as you implement the guided meditations. Encoded with light frequencies, the messages support energetic healing and the activation of the starseed. 

    Amy shares her experiences and channeled messages from the starseed and angelic realms, bringing listeners up close and personal with the ascension process. This valuable information is encoded with angelic and starseed energy. The experiences found within are for the lightworker, starchild, indigo, crystal, and golden children. It is for all interested in energetic health and in increasing their clarigifts, soul connection, and intuition. 

    ©2016 Amy Sikarskie (P)2021 Amy Sikarskie

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