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  • Accelerated Learning

  • Accelerated Learning Techniques, Memory Techniques, Improve Your Memory, Learn More in Less Time!
  • Von: Jonathan Wilkens
  • Gesprochen von: Barry Shannon
  • Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 15 Min.
  • Ungekürztes Hörbuch
  • Kategorien: Bildung & Lernen, Bildung

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    Accelerated Learning by Jonathan Wilkens is a book created out of the idea that people can learn and grasp at a much faster rate.

    Over the centuries, accelerated learning has gone by different names. Its idea originally came out of the concept of Scientology which was then developed between the years of 1960, 1970 by Dr. Giogy Lozanov into Suggestopedia or Reservtopedia like some would call it.

    As Shakespeare is to literature, Dr. Giogy Lozanov is to Accelerated Learning. He is considered the father of accelerated learning. His Suggestopedia or Reservopedia concept is a technique that revolutionizes teaching and facilitates learning. And in the 20th century, Suggestopedia was rebirth into what we now call Accelerated Learning today.

    Accelerated learning is something we should all indulge in and practice in our everyday activities, in the lives of our children, and our workplace - most especially in our children's lives.

    Imagine if your ability to think critically, systemically and innovatively increases. Wouldn't that be a great achievement? If processed right into your lives, what would take months for us to learn and grasp would take weeks, and what would take weeks would take days. You would be more adept in the learning or teaching field.

    This book is designed to meet all the requirements of our learning programs in our learning environments, and to educate the facilitators and learners alike, so that the learning process is both deepened and accelerated.

    Learners will thereby be able to retain more by applying accelerated learning into their lives. And the facilitating is less about delivering content and more about encouraging discovery, reflection, and learning.

    This book combines the old, the new, and the likely helpful future ideas on accelerated learning as they have become available.

    ©2017 Jonathan Wilkens (P)2017 Jonathan Wilkens

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