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    Enter the spell-binding worlds of best-selling author Robert Stanek and dream a new dream.

    This audiobook contains:

    "Absolutes": Expertly melds science fact with science fiction. The brilliant boy scientist, Krzysztof Steelbridge, is blinded by ambition and ultimately consumed by it.

    "Silence is Golden": In the distant future, the universe is controlled by Majority-1. Their rule is supreme. No one dares oppose them, and so it is against all odds that Ev tries to make a stand against them. To do so, however, she must sacrifice everything and everyone she holds dear.

    "August Rains": Former teacher and principal John Anderson must face the demons of the past.

    Don't forget to download Robert Stanek's The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches series.
    ©2005 Robert Stanek

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