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    Best-selling author Terri Levine spent over five decades holding grudges and resentment and being angry with herself and with others. At one point in her life, she felt as if she was about to break. About to Break is her real-life autobiography that shares her story and the forgiveness technique she developed for herself to fully forgive herself and others. Terri has shared this forgiveness process with clients and friends and they asked her to write this audiobook to help others live their lives with more joy, peace, ease, and love in their hearts.

    In this audiobook, Dr. Levine, a top business consultant and life coach, tells her story and gives the process to forgive yourself and all others. The simple and easy-to-follow steps on the path to forgiveness will help you achieve more of what you prefer in your life and work and allows you to release unhealthy feelings towards yourself and others. The goal of this audiobook is to share a proven method that creates more self-love, greater self-esteem, and better relationships with yourself and people in your life. This is a very important audiobook that will shift your outer behaviors as well inner thoughts so that you are aligned to have more success in all areas of your life and business.

    ©2019 Authors Place Press (P)2019 Authors Place Press

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