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    James Vickers once believed honor and family duty were his life's work. Now he knows better, and he's appointed himself as silent witness to his father's sins. His greatest goal is to act as the continuously pricking thorn in his lordship's side - and scandal is his greatest weapon.

    Propriety is Miss Adelaide Stockton's most important asset. She must be all that is prim and proper if she's to live down her parents' misdeeds and have any hope of catching a husband. She must avoid scoundrels like Vickers at all costs.

    Yet fate has thrown them together and given each a key to the other's ambition. A bargain is struck. But together they find that gaining what one desires most is far more difficult than a waltz in the park.

    ©2014 Deb Marlowe (P)2015 Deb Marlowe

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