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A Two-Hour Koran (A Taste of Islam)

Autor: Bill Warner
Sprecher: Bill Warner PhD
Serie: A Taste of Islam Series, Titel 1
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 37 Min.

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A Two-Hour Koran is condensed and abridged, covering the most important elements of the Koran that concern non-Muslims. Standard Korans are widely known to be difficult to comprehend, but this version allows the listener to understand the basics of the Koran in the time it takes to watch a professional sports event.

The standard Korans are arranged by length of chapter, not in chronological order, and do not include the life of Mohammed for context. These Korans have no time reference, no Mohammed, and no story. Therefore, they are difficult to understand.

A Two-Hour Koran weaves Mohammed’s life back into the Koran so the verses have context and meaning. Everything is in time order, and the original story has been restored, providing the listener with a taste of Islam. This Koran concentrates on the political verses, or those verses that impact the non-Muslim.

Once you have listened to A Two-Hour Koran, you can pick up any Koran in the bookstore and make sense of what you are reading. 

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