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A Ten-Pack of Shorts

10 Short Stories
Autor: Bill Bernico
Sprecher: Curtis R. Sisco
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 4 Min.

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Short Story Ten-Pack consists of the following short stories:

"Al's Car" (Al, fresh out of prison, goes looking for the car he stashed his money in.)

"April Fool" (George sets up an April Fool gag for his wife, but hadn’t planned on this....)

"Beware the Ides of March" (You don’t really believe a fortune teller can tell you when you’ll die....)

"Born to Be Wild" (The leaders of two biker gangs duke it out - with dire consequences for both.)

"Buckle Up" (You’ve found the perfect way to get away with murdering your wife...or so you thought...)

"But I Love Him" (Cops keep coming back to a domestic violence scene but she won’t press charges.)

"Careful What You Wish For" (So you want to be a pop star…careful what you wish for, son!)

"Checkout" (Never fails: Some old lady in line for groceries takes forever just to check out.)

"Chute Me" (You just bought a new parachute during your lunch hour and now your building’s on fire.)

"Close But No Cigar" (Can you scam your insurance company after they insure the cigars you smoked?)

©2013 Bill Bernico (P)2013 Bill Bernico


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