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A Teen's Guide to Christian Living: Practical Answers to Tough Questions About God and Faith

Sprecher: Daniel Francis
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A Teen's Guide to Christian Living takes a refreshing look at real faith in God and how it sustains the younger believer through the ups and downs of life. As teens cope with the pain and fear of divorced parents, broken or abusive relationships, illness, or simply the pressures of everyday living, this book will help to keep them on solid ground and gain a deeper understanding of their faith through answers to questions like:

  • How well does God know me? Does he love me in spite of things I've said and done?
  • Is there a best way to pray? How does prayer make a difference?
  • Does God watch over my family even if they don't all believe in him?
  • Does loving God mean I can't go to parties, kiss, or flirt?
  • Should I associate only with people who believe what I believe? 
  • Can I still be a regular teen with regular friends and a regular life?

A particular strength of this book lies in stories by teens who share how they learned to rely on God during a moment of truth in their lives - stories that will inspire other teens to surmount life's challenges. Each chapter teaches a particular topic and closes with thought-provoking questions that will help teens examine their lives and put Christian principles into practice. 

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